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Women's Z Sandals - White
Colleen Hesse (Bradenton, US)
Comfort and cute

Love my Dawgs Z sandals!! I have them in 4 colors and plan to get more! Super comfortable and cute!

Kids' Fleece Dawgs
Janice Newsome-Boudousquie (Kernersville, US)

Our granddaughter has Austin’s and is non-verbal. She will only wear crocks shoes, so I wanted to buy her a better shoe. Sad to say they are too large, but she did not complain when I put them on her. Have put them up for next winter. Thx for a great shoe!

Women's 3-Strap Sandals - Black
Joan Austin (Windsor Junction, CA)

Can't offer an opinion, haven't received them yet!

Women's Fleece Dawgs
Margaret Stageman (Norman, US)
Love these Dwags!💜

They are so comfortable that I wore them for 2 weeks straight. As shoes during the day then as slippers at night. Love the take out washable fuzzy liner. Very comfortable.

Women's Z Sandals - Peacock

I only have 15 pair of these, so all I am looking for are more printed ones.

Women's Z Sandals - Charcoal Grey
Valerie Johnson (Davenport, US)
comfy and durable

I LOVE these sandals and wear them constantly. This is my third pair of Dawgs sandals since I wore out the other pairs. I wear these around the house in place of slippers since they don't slip on hard floors.

Men's Beach Dawgs Clogs
Dave Edwards (Houston, US)
Men's beach clogs and ladies dark red sandals.

The men's clogs were for my son. He was very pleased with them. It was his first pair of Dawgs. He had a very bad imitation of Dawgs so I decided he needed the good ones.
The dark red pair of Z sandals were for me because I didn't have that color. I have very many Z sandals in different colors. I wear them all day every day. So I guess you can tell how much I like them.

Women's Fleece Dawgs
Sally Kersten (Bullhead City, US)
Fleece clogs.

Love love love them!!!! 2nd time that I've ordered them.

Women's Loudmouth Z Sandals - Woof
William Read (League City, US)
Love my Dawgs!

I liked them so much I ordered 4 more pair. I live in a climate where I am able to wear sandles year round. I bought another pair of white because I wore my white one everywhere on our trip to the French/Italian Riviera ending in Rome! They are light and comfortable and easy to slip on! Please don’t ever change them!

Women's Z Sandals - Black
ZAIDA HOSEIN CMB# 13231 (San Fernando, TT)
Thumps up..

I had bought one of these a few years ago and it was perfectly fitted. However, I was unable to wear it because I buy footwear with a little wide width because of a foot condition. I gave it to my aunt and it has been her footwear everywhere ever since. She got a lot of service out of the slippers and she wanted another one, so there, that is why I purchased it again for her, i just bought a different color for change...Oh how I wished they were a little wide I could enjoy also..

Men's Beach Dawgs Clogs
Julie Daniel (Lakeside, US)
Men's Beach Clogs

husband received 1st pair of clogs ever for his birthday. 75 years. he is shocked, and so am I, that he loves them. wears them every day!

Women's Z Sandals - Charcoal Grey
Judith Parnell (Richmond, CA)
Not happy with my dawgs this time,

I sent for 2 pair of dawgs size 6 and they are too small, I have 2 other pair of dawgs size 6 and they fit perfectly, I also took pics of the new ones and my older ones and there is a big difference in the new size 6 and the older size 6. Needless to say I’m very disappointed because I can’t wear the new ones, so I’m not very pleased at all

Women's Loudmouth Z Sandals - Rosie
kATHLEEN Ryan (Sebring, US)


Women's Fleece Dawgs
Paulette Travis (Dallas, US)
Women’s Fleece Dawgs

They are so warm and comfortable!

Women's Fleece Dawgs
Homer (Conroe, US)
Love my Dawgs

This is the 2nd pair I have ordered. They keep my feet warm when I am outside, they also have good traction when the pavement is wet.

Women's Fleece Dawgs
Carol Pickard (Sacramento, US)
Love my Dawgs!

I'm in health care and on my feet. These are cute, comfy and lightweight!!

Women's Z Sandals - Tan
Marcia Fletcher (Glendale, US)
Never received order

My mom never received her shoes that I ordered for her. She has checked around with everyone in the building and no one has seen a shipment with her name on it. If you can do anything to help me, please do, so I don't have to place another order. Thank you. Marcia Fletcher

Women's Z Sandals - Tan
Barbara Backlund (Waldheim, CA)
Z sandals

I ordered these for my cousin in England. When I visited her she just loved the sandals I had so I have sent the same style to her over the last couple of years. Thankyou

Women's Fleece Dawgs
Barbara Reaves (Arab, US)

Pretty in pink, comfortable, convenient slip into DAWGS fleece shoe, and warm for the winter. I like them and my husband got jealous and so I bought him his own 3 pair of fleece DAWGs and he loves them too.

love my dawgs

dawg boots are the best .. good quality and fit just right .. i have dawg boots for over 10 years and wouldnt get any other type of boot ...

Women's Z Sandals - Red
Jennifer Larson (Bullhead City, US)
Best Sandle’s ever.

I started out with one pair about 7 or 8 years ago. Loved them so much for their comfort and easy to wear. They are my wash and wear sandle’s. I now have 5 more in nice colors. I wear mine daily all year around.

Women's Ultralite Spirit Shoes
Marci D. (Potomac, US)
Perfect Pool Shoes!

These shoes are perfect for the pool and shower. Easy on/off and no worries about slipping. This pair replaces a pair that I have had for several years so they do hold up well.

Z sandals are for me!

I have several pairs of Z sandals and love them all. I get compliments on them all the time. They're lightweight, and supportive.

Women's Z Sandals - Navy
Helen Hay (Bedford, CA)
Dawgs are my personal favourites!

This is my 8th pair of Dawgs and I love them! I wear them year’ sandals in the summer /fall and as slippers during the colder winter/spring. It has been many years since my first pair and I expect I will enjoy them for many years to come.

Women's Slides - Dark Brown
Vicki Brown (Stillwater, US)
Dark Brown Slides.

Love these shoes I have several pairs and plan on purchasing more. I love the comfort of these shoes, easy to clean and they are are good price. There are constant sales which I absolutely love.