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Women's Loudmouth Z Sandals - Woodystock
Jeanine Medina (Plainfield, US)

Love them !

Women's Loudmouth Beach Dawgs - Drop Cloth
Rae Schraml (Thunder Bay, CA)
Drop Cloth Dawgs

Fit perfect. Bright colour. Good quality

Beware of sizing

I have worn dawgs for years. This time they were too small and one pair were mismatched in size. So appreciate that they are exchanging them.

Women's Loudmouth Z Sandals - Rosie
Pat Sauve (Brasher Falls, US)

Fabulous color and style . Fit well!

Women's Loudmouth Z Sandals - Magic Bus
Cindy Sullivan (Cedar Rapids, US)

Unfortunately, I was wearing my Magic Bus z sandals I sprayed my legs with mosquito spray and the spray drifted on my sandals and the colors ran together and I am heartsick. I own 6 plus pairs of z sandals and I love them. Very disappointed now.

Women's Loudmouth Z Sandals - Rosie
Margo Watson (Tucson, US)
9th year buying Dawgs

I need to return my newly purchased Loudmouth Z’s as they are too tight
Be sure to order a size up for a proper fit. These are the only things to combat foot pain from plantar facial is.

Women's Z Sandals - Black
Robin Wright (Eaton Rapids, US)
Black dawgs

First time buying these and my feet are so happy ! ❤️😍❤️

Women's Z Sandals - Navy
Marie Mann (Charlotte, US)
Blue Dawgs

I love my Dawgs! They are pretty much all I wear in the summer. I just have to get more colors!

Women's Z Sandals - Tan
Linda Hamilton (Cape Coral, US)
Linda’s rating

I love my sandals and have many colors. Living in FL, I hardly need anything else!

Women's Z Sandals - Tan
Cathy Mulligan (Peterborough, CA)

This has happened to me THREE times now, I order two pairs of Z Sandals at a time, same size , but two different colours, and one pair fits and the other is way too small, they both say the same size on them , but just don''t fit. I have kept them all because they charge a shipping fee to send them back , and that is totally unfair. So, I again, ordered two pair, different colours , and one colour fit and the other were too small, that was the last time I ordered Z Sandals.

Women's Z Sandals - Black
Deborah Gallagher (Regina, CA)
Black Dawg sandals

Always loved the comfort of these as they conform perfectly to my feet and you can wash them or rinse them off when they get dusty or dirty.

Women's 3-Strap Sandals - Tan
Love these Sandals!

I was amazed the first time I wore the 3-Strap Sandal! I wore them to work and took an extra pair of shoes in case my fee got sore - I did NOT need to switch shoes~ They are so comfortable and light, it was like I was barefoot~ I plan on buying another pair in another color.

Women's Z Sandals - Red
Nancy Anderson (Bradenton, US)

Colors great

Women's Z Sandals - Olive
Julie Stewart (Bailieboro, CA)
My Feet Love Dawgs!

I have been wearing my three old pairs of Dawgs for the last three years. I love them. I wear them almost every day of the year inside the house or outside in warmer weather. I was delighted to find out I could order them on line when our local drug store no longer was bringing them in. I am thrilled with my four new pairs of Dawgs. I proudly shoe the Z tan line all year round!

Women's Z Sandals - Yellow
Octobers Clothing Store (Grimsby, CA)
Excellent service

Love the colors this summer!! Yellow is a great shade!

Women's Z Sandals - Black
VEra ADame (Cincinnati, US)
Z Sandles Dawgs

Most best comfortable Sandler that I have found.

Women's Z Sandals - Navy
Linda Young (Brainerd, US)
Dawgs sandles

I love these. I still wear the first ones I ordered about 10 years ago.

Women's Z Sandals - White
Brittni (Memphis, US)
My year round shoes

I love these shoes!!! I found these about 6 or so years ago. I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. My feet hurt all the time and walking had become a chore. After wearing their slides for a couple of months I noticed that I didn't have trouble going from sitting to standing anymore. I no longer had the nail driving pain in my heels. It was wonderful. Now I wear these sandals all year long, literally year round! I wear socks with the slides in winter when it's really cold. Thankfully I live in the south so we don't usually get a bunch of snow. The slides and z strap are my two favorite. As a loyal customer I have only one small request: The slides I order in men's so that I can get a proper fit. Sadly with the z strap that isn't an option and so I order a ladies size 11. This happens to be a little snug and it takes a few weeks to try and wear them in. I would love to see a women's size 12 for my big lady feet. ☺❤ Thank you for being awesome!

Women's Z Sandals - Black
Elizabeth Richards (Edmonton, CA)
Z Dawgs

pleased with these sandals. Only one caution they are very slippery if they get wet.

Women's Z Sandals - Navy
Susan Knightly (Holyoke, US)
Off Trail Footwork!

Just completed a section of the Massachusetts Appalachian Trail with my daughter. It was great to have the comfort of our DAWGS after a long days hike. Also they were so light weight to carry in our backpacks and wonderful on the feet in the cool streams of the Berkshires in Massachusetts. Thank you for a great product. Bought my first pair on a canoeing vacation in Canada. Just love them.

Women's Z Sandals - Charcoal Grey
Barbara Dougher (Surprise, US)

Enjoy the shoes, thanks!

Women's Beach DAWGS Clogs
Norma J Walters (Williamstown, US)
Norma Walters

I really love the shoes. I have 4 pair. That's all I wear. I have the beach dawg clogs and 3 pair of the 3 strap ones. Sorry forgot what they are called.

Women's Z Sandals - Flat Grey
Bre McSorley (Elmsdale, CA)

Women's Z Sandals - Flat Grey

Women's Z Sandals - Olive
Carol (Chandler, US)
Cute but caused tripping

Tip of the shoe stuck to the tile while I walked.

Women's Loudmouth Z Sandals - Rosie
Eileen Hirschhorn (Allentown, US)

Enjoying my ne DAwgs! get so many compiements whenever I wear them@