Women's 3-Strap Sandals - Dark Brown

by Dawgs

The Women's 3-Strap Sandal was designed for extreme comfort; super lightweight, providing cushion and support with thick heels and molded arch. Its also odor-resistant and easy to clean. Adjustable heel strap can be worn forward or back for two great looks from one shoe!

  • Ultra soft
  • Super lightweight
  • Non-marking
  • Ultra thick sole
  • Massaging foot-bed
  • Supporting back-strap
  • Easy to clean
  • Arch support
Sizing Chart
Care Instructions
  • Do not leave your Dawgs exposed to extreme heat whil they are not being worn (i.e. in direct sunlight, near heating vents, or in a hot vehicle)
  • Dawgs can be washed in warm water with a mild detergent as necessary. Air dry or dry with a soft cloth.
  • Dawgs can be sanitized in 10 parts water to 1 part bleach for approximately 10 minutes. Allow Dawgs to air dry or dry with soft cloth.
  • Fleece Dawgs insoles can be removed and washed on cold in the washing machine. We do not recommend putting Fleece Dawgs insoles in the dryer.
  • Be sure to spray your new Sheep Dawgs with an all weather protectant spray (for all synthetic fibers), or a suede/leather protector (cow suede & lambskin products) prior to wearing them outside. Spray as needed for the lifetime of your Sheep Dawgs.
  • Do not submerge Sheep Dawgs in water - spot cleaning only! We do not recommend washing your boots in the washing machine.
  • To remove mud and dirt, use a soft shoe brush once the soiled area is dry.
  • Cow Suede and Lambskin boots can be cleaned with a suede and leather cleaner.
  • To clean shearling lining, use a wool cleaner.

Customer Reviews

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Women's 3-Strap Sandals - Black

Great slip on...

Bought several of these as backups just in case they stop being made. Already have a pair that I love to wear. Fit, even if sized slightly above what I normally wear (9.5 normal size, bought 10) is a little on the tight side. Not to the point of being uncomfortable, just a little tight.

OH so comfortable!

I love these sandals and can't wait for them to get more of them in the navy blue color!

Love my Dawgs!!

I have 3 pairs of the Z-sandal and I love them. They are very comfortable so I can wear them for hours. I recently became an amputee so I purchased the 3-strap sandal hoping it will fit my prosthesis and I can walk well in them. Time will tell on that one.


Women's 3-Strap Sandals - Black

I have about 8 pairs with backups in some colors.

I have been a crocs fan for years, but when they discontinued my favorite and didn’t replace it with a flat sandal with a back I was thrilled to find these They are just as comfortable for not only my feet but also my knees and heal spurs. I wear mine almost every day and never worry about how long I am on my feet. They are great!

More colors please!